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Geohazards cause a small percentage of pipeline incidents, but when they do impact pipelines, the consequences are typically severe. We work with pipeline integrity management groups to mitigate these risks by using InSAR to detect unknown geohazards, and to monitor known risks along pipeline right-of-ways. With its large image footprint, InSAR can monitor 2,500 km² in a single analysis, with data points located every few meters.

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Oil & Gas Reservoirs

Oil & gas extraction can lead to ground displacement above producing reservoirs. 3vG’s advanced InSAR technology provides millions of displacement measurements over a single field to accurately monitor the extent, direction, and rate of surface movement. Operators can use InSAR to track millimeter scale uplift related to SAGD operations and water/CO2 injection, and subsidence from oil & gas extraction across an entire reservoir, assisting in enhanced production, safety, and regulatory compliance. Active and inactive well sites can also be monitored to ensure well site integrity over time.

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