About Us

3vGeomatics is proud to be part of Terra Insights, the industry’s first end-to-end unified platform that provides trusted geotechnical, structural and geospatial monitoring technology and data delivery solutions. Terra Insights is powered by four industry-leading brands that possess deep technical expertise and global experience—3vGeomatics, RST Instruments, Measurand, and Syscom Instruments .

3vG was founded in 2007 with the mission of making InSAR an easily accessible and useful technology for a broad base of users. At that time, InSAR results were delivered infrequently, based on images collected months prior, and applicable only in ideal conditions. It was very much a “nice to have” service. By listening to our customers’ requirements and investing heavily in R&D, we improved the automation and scalability of InSAR to be able to deliver displacement data that could be better integrated into our clients’ existing work flows.

Early days of 3vG

Fast forward to the present and 3vG is now providing near real-time information based on satellite images acquired just hours earlier. Our clients regularly state that our InSAR services provide actionable intelligence that they “need to have” to help prevent environmental disasters and even saves lives. As a result, over 90% of our projects are recurring revenue for long-term clients.

3vG golf tournament 2018

Our biggest asset is our multidisciplinary, diverse team who have expertise in astrophysics, computer science, advanced mathematics, data analysis, and product development. We encourage a meritocratic environment where our employees can thrive and the best ideas rise to the top. With over 40 staff and 15+ years in business, we are no longer a start-up; however, we continue to have an entrepreneurial mindset, a customer centric focus, and a driving desire to deliver technology that has a positive impact on the world. As we introduce InSAR into new sectors and new geographies, we push ourselves to constantly propel the boundaries of InSAR’s capabilities. This leads to innovative approaches and customized products.

Our vision is to see InSAR applied globally for yet unknown applications benefitting yet undiscovered users.