3vGeomatics Specializes in Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR)

We use radar satellite images to detect and measure ground and infrastructure displacement across large areas. Our technology informs clients of subsidence, uplift and other movements to help prevent environmental accidents, improve safety, and maintain operational success.


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Introducing Terra Insights

Powered by the trusted and experienced brands RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, and Syscom Instruments, Terra Insights offers a comprehensive platform of geotechnical, structural, and geospatial monitoring technology, along with purpose-built data delivery solutions.

Terra Insights

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As the world leader of InSAR monitoring in the mining industry, we provide ongoing services to many of the major Tier 1 mining companies.
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Pipelines / Oil & Gas

With expertise in monitoring pipeline right of ways, tailings dams, drilling and SAGD operations, 3vGeomatics focuses on preventing operational disruptions and aiding in production optimization and safety.
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Urban Infrastructure

InSAR monitoring of urban areas allows 3vG to provide actionable intelligence for natural gas utilities, engineering construction projects, and urban infrastructure (bridges, buildings, airports, roads).
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Transportation Corridors

Our wide area monitoring service provides coverage over extensive road and railway networks to identify and monitor geohazards that can cause safety issues and operational delays.
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Water Management

We provide ongoing monitoring solutions to support the integrity and safe operation of dams, reservoirs, levees, aqueducts, and other water management infrastructure.
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We help assess areas of stability and reduce risks related to changing permafrost in high latitude environments by measuring ground and infrastructure displacement.
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Giving precise measurements of where, when, and how much displacement has occurred.