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Displacement DataStream Delivers Better Data Visualization

What is Displacement DataStream?

3vG’s Displacement DataStream is the latest advance in InSAR processing, providing clients with the data visualization tools they need to identify new or developing risks, in a timeframe that better allows for preventative or mitigative actions.

Ground displacement measurements are created using 3vG’s proprietary InSAR satellite technology and transmitted directly into our Motionary data platform with unparalleled turnaround time, processing and updating visual assets within 24 hours of the data arriving at 3vG.

3vG’s satellite agnostic InSAR offerings provide a wide range of options to fit the needs of any project, whether that be resolution, detection precision, topography, climate, or vegetation and ground cover.

Displacement DataStream offers clients the same best-in-class data visualization tools such as acceleration contours and displacement detection polygons, and delivers them directly, enabling for end-user analysis and proactive risk mitigation within 24 hours of request.

Displacement DataStream can also access and incorporate satellite-based historical imagery over a region of interest dating back to 1992, providing additional context, accuracy, and value. This new offering is a move towards displacement monitoring data as a connected service where new and updated measurements are streamed directly to the Motionary platform. This innovative process greatly increasing accessibility to InSAR information, end-user analysis, and proactive risk mitigation.

On-demand delivery with Motionary

Motionary is purpose-built software designed to host Displacement DataStream, providing quick, seamless access to InSAR results stored on the cloud.

New and updated measurements are transmitted directly to Motionary with industry-leading turnaround time, delivering data to clients within 24 hours.

This enables 3vG to seamlessly push updates as they develop, rather than relying on separate email or FTP communications, eliminating the need for end-users to parse the data formats as they arrive.

Motionary is a web-based platform accessible from any device, from smartphones and mobile tablets in the field to your office desktop.

Because all data management is handled by 3vG, there is no need for installing, configuring, or maintaining cumbersome GIS software.

Motionary provides streamlined access to data without the need for software installation, license keys, or hardware requirements, and allows clients to personally manage user lists. Access is included at no cost for all Displacement DataStream subscribers.

However, if you have workflows or other GIS-based, 3vG makes sure that client data can be exported as CSV and SQLite file formats.

Client-focused approach to InSAR offerings

Our services are built on a foundation of trust, positive impact, and customer success. Client feedback is central to 3vG’s development.

Our operations team and project managers are in constant communication with our clients, and we routinely incorporate client feedback into our improvement models, ensuring that we continue to deliver the most effective information to our clients when and where they need it.

The key question for 3vG isn’t, “do we have enough data” or “are these the perfect monitoring parameters”. Instead, the question is, “does the client find this valuable”, “are we communicating the most effective information”.

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