Displacement DataStream

Displacement DataStream is the latest advance in InSAR processing that represents a new class of early risk identification. Displacement DataStream is 3vGeomatics’ advanced satellite InSAR monitoring service that rapidly updates displacement measurements after each new image acquisition.

Key benefits:

  • Industry-leading delivery turnaround time.
  • Always have access to the latest satellite InSAR results to promptly support risk detection and mitigation.
  • Ongoing and accessible expertise with 3vG’s InSAR analysts.
  • Convenient access to all results through 3vG’s Motionary web platform, or through your preferred third-party platforms.
  • Customer-centric satellite parameter selection. 3vG is satellite agnostic and has available a wide range of options to fit the need of every project partnership whether that be resolution, detection precision, topography, climate, or vegetation and ground cover
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Traditional in-ground instrumentation for monitoring field performance can only provide single location measurement data after the time of installation. Meanwhile, 3vG can incorporate satellite-based historical measurements over a region of interest dating back to 1992 into the ongoing Displacement DataStream, to provide more context, more accuracy, and more benefit.

Displacement DataStream includes regular updates to the time series displacements, average movement rates, and displacement and acceleration detection contours on the latest data. These are delivered through 3vG’s Motionary web platform within 24 hours of 3vG receiving each new satellite image.

Typical deployments of InSAR technology involve periodically delivering individual products or packages. This puts the burden of data reception, file management, and integration on the enduser rather than enabling them to interpret and analyze the results. Displacement DataStream is a move towards displacement monitoring data as a connected service where new and updated measurements are streamed directly to Motionary. This innovative process greatly increases accessibility to InSAR information, end-user analysis, and proactive risk mitigation.

In the past, the processing of InSAR has required a bulk input of SAR data for accurate processing and reporting of results. Instead, 3vG has made holistic improvements to processing algorithms, processing hardware and supporting infrastructure to inject only the newest image into the existing dataset allowing for rapid low latency turn-around times of 24 hours for each new image. This means that customer datasets are updated in near-real-time, bringing a new stage in satellite risk mitigation and remote monitoring.

Displacement DataStream includes 3vG’s acceleration detection polygons which identify and highlight areas of accelerating displacement. This is done by comparing the newest image against previous images to determine changes in the rate for an area.

Also included are 3vG’s proprietary displacement detection contours. These are generated using a set of robust statistical models to evaluate the noise floor for each individual pixel so that valuable information is being highlighted.

For multi-perspective monitoring, 3vG continues to include the direction of displacement. This includes the East-West and Up-Down directions of movement.

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