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Water Resources

Monitoring vital water infrastructure, such as dams & reservoir slopes, levees, and aqueducts, is critical to help reduce potential risks to people and property. 3vG applies its advanced InSAR processing technology to radar satellite images that are over 1500 km2 in size to generate millions of data points that inform water infrastructure managers on stability and displacement. InSAR offers an ideal solution for monitoring these types of critical infrastructure and identifying areas of unknown risk. Aquifer-related displacement monitoring is also an optimal InSAR application for measuring subsidence and uplift associated with groundwater removal and replenishment.

Dams & Reservoir slopes

Reservoirs present a unique geotechnical challenge because they often have extensive stretches of slopes that are difficult to monitor with ground instrumentation due to their large area, remote location, and potential land access issues. Using satellite imagery and InSAR, 3vG can remotely monitor hundreds of thousands or even millions of data points around the entire reservoir for slope stability, with measurements for each data point being updated as frequently as every few days. In addition, InSAR analysis can simultaneously include the dam wall to supplement existing instrumentation of this critical civil structure.


Aqueducts can stretch for hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, but a single subsidence location can cause gravity-fed aqueducts to pool and stop the flow of water to downstream consumers. The formation of cracks can also lead to a larger failure if not detected early. 3vG has developed large area monitoring solutions for linear infrastructure, such as aqueducts, providing the capability of detecting and monitoring any potentially damaging displacement that occurs along the infrastructure. Proactive monitoring can allow for repairs to be made at a fraction of the cost of remediating significant failures.


Levee systems often include hundreds or thousands of kilometers of critical banks within a single area, and a break along any point of that network can result in catastrophic flooding and severe damage to surrounding land and property. Installing ground instrumentation across the full extent of a levee system is cost prohibitive, but InSAR monitoring of the full network is viable and straightforward. Detecting an impending levee failure is identical to the monitoring 3vG does for tailings dams and can prevent catastrophic failures through early detection of displacement.


3vG supports groundwater sustainability practices by providing a cost-effective InSAR solution that covers large areas. Extensive withdrawal of groundwater can cause widespread ground displacement, which can affect surface-level infrastructure, such as aqueducts, bridges, and transportation corridors. This displacement can be easily tracked with regular InSAR measurements, allowing 3vG to monitor the location, extent, and magnitude of movement to help water managers oversee groundwater withdrawals.

3vG provides cost-efficient long-term monitoring solutions to various water management projects as a standalone service, or as part of an integrated solution combining in-situ sensors and on-site geotechnical expertise.

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Water Resources

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