3vG is the world leader in InSAR monitoring of mines. Our advanced InSAR technology and products in the mining industry have given us the privilege of working with almost all the major Tier 1 mining companies, and in several cases, monitor every mine site in the world for them.

The large footprint of a SAR satellite image allows us to analyze an entire mine site, including open pits, tailings dams, infrastructure depots, stockpiles, leach pads, access roads, etc. Our high precision monitoring capabilities over wide coverage areas enable our clients to detect and monitor risks across a property. We deliver near real-time reporting to provide our clients the opportunity to act on detected displacement.

Our services typically act as a supplement to ground-based monitoring (prisms, radar, inclinometers etc.). Alerts are provided for newly detected displacement or accelerating motion areas. Over time, these reports provide an early warning that can indicate progressive, regressive, and steady-state phenomena. InSAR monitoring is a cost-effective solution to reduce the risk of significant incidents and safeguard production.

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“Every pit, stockpile, dump, pad, and TSF at our company is monitored via InSAR, for approximately the combined annual maintenance cost of our ground-based systems. The product is easy to use and flexible. 3vG is leading the industry in their service and they are pushing the technology forward. It is worth every penny.”

Senior Geotechnical Engineer (3vG client since 2014)

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