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Why choose 3vG?

  • Expertise: Since 2007 we have solely focused on InSAR, and continually invest money into R&D in order to develop and maintain the best technology in the industry

  • Custom Analysis: We customize and adjust our algorithms for every project and analysis in order to achieve the best results for our clients

  • Frequent Updates: Near real-time reporting (after each new image acquisition) for new and accelerated displacement reports

  • Satellite Independent: We work with our clients to determine the best radar satellite for their project

3vG generates products for our clients that can be used easily and effectively. We have developed a custom toolbar for various software platforms to assist clients in efficiently visualizing displacement information, and provide on-site training for our clients. This training focuses on the operational usage of our products, as well as InSAR fundamentals, benefits, limitations, operational considerations, and comparisons to ground truth data. Technical support is provided throughout the duration of a monitoring contract, available 365 days a year.