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See what you missed: The Future of InSAR for Geotechnical Monitoring

InSAR is 30 years old, but InSAR Monitoring has a much more recent pedigree. In the past 10 years, advances in high performance computation, InSAR algorithms and technologies like machine learning have all played their part. Most notably though, commercial InSAR providers and their products have simply caught up with the needs of geotechnical engineers and purpose-built products have now become the norm. But what is the ultimate potential for these products, and where are we now?

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In this recorded webinar, our hosts will explore the current state of the art, as well as future trends related to InSAR monitoring, and ask what it has to say about risk prediction, risk prevention and risk mitigation? They will also demonstrate the role that data visualization has to play to make data more consumable and understandable, and show how it can be used to distill large datasets into what is important.

Motionary is 3vG’s data visualisation solution. Rather than simply displaying results, this easy to use web-based InSAR platform guides the user towards the actionable information.

Listen to Terra Insights’ Pierre Choquet and 3vGeomatics’ Jon Leighton as they detail the state of the art for InSAR, and introduce you to Motionary.

Key takeaways from this event:

  • Understand what state-of-the-art InSAR monitoring looks like.
  • Listen to our experts’ vision of the future of InSAR monitoring
  • Receive a full walk-through of Motionary using real-world data
  • Understand how tools like Motionary can help distill big data problems into what is important


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Jon Leighton | Director of Operations | 3vGeomatics

Jon is an experienced InSAR expert and geodesist with 7 years academic InSAR experience and a further 11 years commercial InSAR experience with 3vG. Following his InSAR focused master’s and doctoral degrees at the University of Nottingham, he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer in InSAR and geodesy, joining 3vG in January 2012. Jon has processed and managed many varied InSAR projects, with applications ranging from oil and gas, open pit mining, landslides, pipelines, transport infrastructure, permafrost, and urban monitoring. Jon has conducted InSAR related fieldwork at sites in the US, South America and Africa, as well as many remote communities in the Canadian Arctic. Prior to academia from 1989 to 2004, Jon had a fifteen-year career in the British Army as a geodetic surveyor, planning, conducting and managing fieldwork for major geodetic projects worldwide.

Pierre Choquet | Sr. Technical Advisor | Terra Insights

Pierre joined RST Instruments in 2007 and is now Technical Advisor of Terra Insights and Vice-President of Market Development for RST Instruments. Pierre graduated in Geological Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and subsequently obtained a doctorate degree in Rock Mechanics from Ecole des Mines de Paris in France. He started his career as faculty member during 12 years at the department of Mining and Metallurgy of Laval University in Quebec City.

Over the years, Pierre has been involved in several geotechnical, mining and dam monitoring instrumentation projects and has authored several technical papers on rock mechanics and geotechnical instrumentation topics. He serves on Technical Committees of a number of professional organizations including ICOLD, USSD, ASCE, CGS and ISSMGE. Pierre is also the Editor of the Instrumentation and Monitoring column of the Canadian Geotechnique magazine.

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