Linux Systems Administrator (January 2020)

3vGeomatics (“3vG”) is looking to add a new member to our IT team.

The Company

3v Geomatics (“3vG”) is a fast-growing tech company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2007.
3vG uses remotely sensed radar data to detect and measure changes on the Earth’s surface. Using in-house developed software and processing algorithms, 3vG monitors infrastructure and ground displacement with high precision and reliability.
We strive to use our products to make a positive impact on people around the world.

Our applications include monitoring cities, landslides, resource extraction, and permafrost. Using radar imagery, we are able to measure millimeter-scale motion from thermal expansion of bridges, sinking dykes, and uplifting oil reservoirs.
In addition, we are constantly updating and refining our image processing tools, analysis techniques, and products. 3vG places an emphasis on processing accuracy and speed, and having a robust technical solution to extract the most relevant information from every dataset.
We need the best people to implement, improve and deliver our technology. Each of our applications has unique issues and requires all our staff to have strong problem-solving skills.

The launch of numerous radar satellites in the last decade, with many more upcoming ones, has contributed to a data explosion in our industry.
Our storage and processing cluster has been expanding constantly, and we are now scaling up to process and store petabytes of data. We use high power CPUs and GPUs to quickly analyze large images with computationally dense algorithms.

The Position:

We are looking for an individual to enhance and boost our existing infrastructure team. The “big data” solutions we are developing run primarily on Linux.
Our image processing chains are written in Python, C++, and CUDA with occasional Bash scripting. We exclusively use Linux for our cluster and generally avoid proprietary technologies in our data processing stack.
However, we are expanding into AWS and will need more experience security Cloud Applications and a hybrid Data Centre environment.

This role is to assist and complement our existing server and infrastructure team as they handle continued growth and expansion of our staff and compute & storage needs, including:

  • Cluster efficiency: As we develop new software and processing chains, we need to continually monitor efficiency to ensure that existing compute power and storage are being used efficiently.
  • Cluster expansion: As business needs grow and more complex software is written, our compute and storage clusters need to grow with them.)
  • Queue management: Ensuring that high priority compute jobs run as soon as possible requires regular tuning of our queue management system and occasional manual intervention.

The Linux Systems Administrator is expected to help the existing IT team with day-to-day activities as well as contributing to the long-term expansion and evolution of our processing farm.
The successful candidate will have a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field or equivalent background, with 4+ years of hands-on Linux experience;

The succesfull candidate will have the right mix of hardware and software skills, and meet the following qualifications:

  • Familiarity with Linux server administration including systemd, selinux and troubleshooting (specifically on CentOS 7)
  • Comfortable in Bash
  • Willing to dig into a problem and find the root cause
  • Writes clear and detailed documentation
  • Server hardware installation, maintenance and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work closely with non-IT personnel
  • Willingness to learn new skills on the job
  • Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, or MS Azure application deployment & security in a hybrid cloud environment.

The following skills would be an asset:

  • Comfortable in Python
  • Experience creating and patching rpm packages
  • Compute farm management (Son of Grid Engine or similar)
  • AWS/GC/Azure cloud management
  • Kubernetes cluster managementPython, C++, CUDA and Linux driver debugging
  • Performance and health monitoring systems (Graphite, Nagios, SNMP)
  • Automated deployment and system management (Foreman, Puppet, GPOs)
  • Server racking and cabling
  • Linux virtualization (libvirt & qemu)

What 3vG Offers:

  • Competitive salary. Annual bonuses. Stock appreciation rights.
  • Extended health benefits from day one. Annual health spending account.
  • Flexible work schedule/hours.
  • Investment in your career: conferences, professional designations, learning/book funds, internal promotions.
  • Small company flexibility and autonomy.

The Work Environment

At 3vG, you will be challenged to perform your best and develop your skills in an open and collaborative environment. Your role will grow as you expand your capabilities.
You will be expected to contribute to a strong and supportive team where constant learning is the norm. Candidates must reside and be legally entitled to work in Canada.
We are centrally located in Vancouver, near Broadway and Cambie.
The Company environment includes a diverse group of employees from around the world, flexible hours, work social events, and a secure area for bike commuters.

We invite you to email your resume to [email protected]

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